CCSS: 3.OA.A.3

TEKS: 3.5B

The Amazing Journey of a Wonder Dog

A lost pet walked more than 2,500 miles to return to his family. Multiply with arrays to learn more about his adventure.

Starring: Bobbie

August 1923: Frank and Elizabeth Brazier were taking their dog on a road trip from Oregon to Indiana.

It’s a very long drive from Silverton, Oregon, to Wolcott, Indiana. Bobbie and his family crossed mountains, plains, and rivers.

1. The Braziers drove through 9 states. Draw an array that represents this number as a product.

When they arrived . . .

2. How many groups of pumps are at the gas station?

3. Write and solve an equation for the total number of pumps.

. . . the local dogs weren’t very friendly.

Bobbie’s family searched for him everywhere.

4. Write and solve an equation for the number of posters shown on the wall.

After three days, Bobbie was nowhere to be found. With great sadness, Frank and Elizabeth headed home to Oregon.

Eventually, Bobbie came back to the gas station. But his family had already left!

Bobbie found places to eat and rest along the way.
But he never stayed in one place for long.

5. Write and solve a multiplication equation to match the array of eggs in the basket.

Bobbie crossed rivers, plains, and mountains.

6. Write and solve an equation for the array of rocks in the river.

7. Write and solve a multiplication equation for the number of flowers Bobbie passed.

Then 6 months later . . .

8. Write and solve an equation to match the array of mountains.

Bobbie made it home! He traveled more than 2,550 miles on his own to return to his family.

9. Write and solve an equation for the number of stacked mugs on the table.

News of Bobbie’s incredible journey spread throughout the country. The people of Silverton threw Bobbie a parade to celebrate his homecoming. He became known as “The Wonder Dog.”

10. Write and solve an equation to represent the array of marchers with wagons in the parade.


Silverton still holds a Pet Parade in honor of Bobbie every year!

Bobbies Tale on the Big Screen

Bobbie the Wonder Dogʼs remarkable journey made national news. People celebrated Bobbie with parades, ceremonies, and medals. He even had a starring role in a film about himself! Bobbie’s journey inspired several popular movies and TV shows, including:

Courtesy Everett Collection (The Incredible Journey, Lassie Come Home); © Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection (Milo and Otis)

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