Take a trip around the world and learn about new countries. This month we’re going to Thailand!

Jim McMahon/Mapman®


Supachai Rattanarueangdech/ 

Over 3 days every January, the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival celebrates the townʼs colorful handmade umbrellas! 


Norma Cornes/ (Elephant); Carl Corbidge/Alamy Stock Photo (Bird)

Thailand’s largest national park, spans 1,810 square miles. Pied hornbills and Asian elephants live in the park.


Hewy via Flickr 

The “Robot Building” was inspired by a toy robot owned by the son of its architect. The techy tower cost $10 million to complete and is the headquarters for a bank. 


The Thai language has 76 letters — 44 consonants and 32 vowels! 

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