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Using Text Sets

Finding differentiated support for students of different learning levels can be challenging at times. DynaMath’s text sets can be a great place to start. Text sets are editor-curated collections of articles, videos, games, and skills sheets based around a specific theme, math skill, or grade level. They’re easy to use, fun for students, and grade appropriate.

We offer math text sets, which each focus on a specific math skill. These sets cover concepts such as place value, fraction operations, and word problem strategies. To help you meet the needs of each student, we also have three grade-specific skill centers that cover a variety of these topics for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5. In addition, we offer themed text sets, which show how math applies to STEM, social studies, sports, art, and more.

To access the text sets, click here. You can also navigate to the text sets page by clicking on “Text Sets” in the explore bar at the top of your screen. Then browse by skill, theme, or template.