Exploring Your Issue

From interactive games to skill-building activity sheets, DynaMath offers a wealth of teaching resources to help you meet your instructional goals.

With each subscription, you get:

Print and Digital Editions

Your subscription includes eight print magazines sent to your classroom throughout the school year plus access to DynaMath Digital at scholastic.com/dynamath.

Teacher’s Guide

Each issue of DynaMath includes a Teacher’s Guide with helpful tools for teaching with the magazine in your classroom. Inside you’ll find grade-specific lesson plans for grades 3, 4, and 5 that correspond to features in the issue. You’ll also find robust lesson plans, teaching tips, standards correlations, lists of the scaffolded skills sheets online, and much more. Here’s where you can download each Teacher's Guide for the entire issue.

Skill-Building Activity Sheets

DynaMath creates a variety of skills sheets to help assess conceptual understanding and build fluency with standards-based, grade-specific problems at multiple levels. Learn more about our differentiated Skills Sheets here

Google Quizzes

Each feature article includes a customizable digital form of the questions that you can assign with your Google Classroom account. Best of all, it’s scored automatically for you!  To learn more about using Google Quizzes and integrating with Google Classroom, click here.

Blank Answer Sheets

Don’t use Google? We also provide blank answer sheets for all of the problems in each issue. Have your students show all of their work so you can better evaluate their understanding of the math skills. 

Answer Key

You can find the answer key for the student edition of the magazine and all skills sheets here. The answer keys in the printed Teacher’s Guide include the answers in that issue’s printed materials—the student magazine and the Problem of the Day skills sheet.

Multiple Reading Levels

Every feature article in DynaMath is available at two reading levels. Select the article that you want to read. If it’s a feature article, the multiple reading levels will appear in the toolbar on the left. Choose the preferred level. The text-to-speech tool can also be used to read either level aloud.

Interactive Games

Students can play interactive games to practice skills and have fun with math! Click here to access a full game archive, which is sortable by skill type.


Instantly capture students’ attention with engaging, ad-free videos that include the option for closed-captioning. These include article-related videos or instructional math videos. Learn more here.


DynaMath supports math standards at both the state and national levels, including the Common Core State Standards for mathematics (CCSS) in grades 3, 4, and 5. Plus, short nonfiction texts and discussion prompts help you incorporate literacy skills in the math classroom. For more information, click here. And refer to the Teacher’s Guide for specific standards covered in each issue.


Help build students’ conceptual understanding with printable templates, including coordinate grids, T-charts, fraction models, place value charts, and more, to support your teaching efforts and save time. Templates are organized by math skill (fractions, geometry, etc.) and can be accessed here.

Family Engagement Letter

Communicate the math learning goals covered in each DynaMath issue to parents and caregivers with a one-page letter that’s easy to send or email home. You can find the family engagement letters for each issue here.

Text Sets

Text sets are specially curated collections of articles, videos, games, and skills sheets based around a theme or skill. Theme sets include topics such as character education, sports, women in STEM, and more. Skill sets include concepts such as place value, fraction operations, and word problem strategies. You can find text sets here.