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About Us

DynaMath is Scholastic’s award-winning elementary magazine that combines math and literacy in a unique, exciting way that boosts performance and fosters a love of math.

Students read original nonfiction stories interviewing experts in science, social studies, art, sports, pop culture, and more. Every article uses a real-world data set to teach an elementary math skill.

Comprehensive print and digital support materials include standards alignments, discussion-based lesson plans, and extension activities that help you meet instructional goals and save time.

Learn more about how DynaMath adds exciting real-world connections to your classroom. 

Elizabeth Carney

Executive Editor

Elizabeth works on DynaMath and SuperScience, Scholastic’s STEM magazines for elementary school. Elizabeth has edited and written content for children for 13 years, building educational packages around topics ranging from Constitution Day to roller coasters. Her favorite part of the job is seeing students’ excitement over the magazines and supporting their love of learning. For fun, Elizabeth loves cooking, yoga, and doing jigsaw puzzles with her daughter. 

Patricia Janes

Editorial Director

Patricia is the editorial director of Scholastic’s STEM magazines for grades 3 through 10. She is a former teacher who loves all things STEM—as evidenced by her degrees in physics, environmental studies, and math. Patricia’s favorite part of her job is puzzling over how best to present tough concepts to students in ways that will truly engage them. In her free time, Patricia enjoys hiking, reading, and digging in the dirt with her son to see what “treasures” they can find. 

Lauren McCrone

Senior Education Editor

Lauren works on DynaMath and MATH, two of Scholastic’s STEM magazines. She is a former teacher and Math Curriculum Specialist who has supported students and teachers at every elementary grade level. Lauren’s favorite part of her job is creating content that will appeal to all children and inspiring teachers to make math fun! In her spare time, Lauren enjoys cooking, going to the beach, and spending time with her dog Lillie. 

If you have some great math teaching strategies to share for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math, please send an email to our team at Scholastic!

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Exciting ideas and fun teaching strategies for using DynaMath in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math classrooms