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Take a trip around the world and learn about new countries. This month we’re in Mexico! 

Jim McMahon/Mapman® (map); (flag)


Jane Burton/NPL/Minden Pictures 

The axolotl is found in the wild only in the 170 kilometers of canals in Xochimilco. This endangered animal can regrow any one of its limbs more than 100 times!


Dmitry Rukhlenko/

The Pyramid of Kukulcán in Chichén Itzá was built to represent a calendar. Each of its 4 sides has 91 steps, totaling 364, with the temple at the top representing the 365th day of the year.


 Leon Rafael/ (Festival); AGCuesta/ (Bread)

During Día de los Muertos, a festival of life and death celebrated November 1 and 2, Mexican bakeries serve about 400 kinds of pan de muerto, or “bread of the dead.” The recipe originated in Oaxaca in the south.


Every fall, millions of monarch butterflies migrate about 2,800 miles from Canada and the U.S. to central Mexico.

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