CCSS: 3.OA.D.8

TEKS: 3.5A, 3.5B

Ocean Trash Art

Renee Peck/NolaVie

More than 12 million tons of trash ends up in the ocean each year. Artists used ocean trash to create this sculpture of a sea dragon.

Old toothbrushes, water bottles, and plastic bags have no place in the ocean. But when they wash up on Oregon beaches, they could become art!

Angela Haseltine Pozzi is an artist. She volunteers with an organization called Washed Ashore. Members collect plastic on Oregon’s beaches. Then the group creates giant, colorful sculptures out of the trash.

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Most recently, Pozzi helped build a sea dragon, which she named Steve. It’s currently on display in New Orleans, Louisiana. The group hopes their art will bring attention to the problem of ocean pollution.

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